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Some samples of our work:

West Tenn Carpet Cleaning was called by a local school to look at cleaning their badly soiled auditorium carpeting.  Here are the before and after photos of part of the now looks new again!

This client called to see if we could fix a bleached spot in their carpeting. We used our color dyeing methods to make the spot virtually disappear and saved them from having to replace their carpet.

This client had a patient accidentally walk in with industrial ink on the bottom

of their shoes.  We applied our professional stain removal techniques to restore the carpet to it's original condition.

This client had wool carpeting that a was permanently stained.  To replace the room new wool carpet would have cost the owner well over $1200.  We were able to clean and color dye it for about 10% of that cost.

We also specialize in tile and grout cleaning and maintenance.

Here are just a couple of samples, the first is of decades old tile that we bring new life to...and the other is of new tile flooring that we maintain to extend the look and life of your investment.

When pets have an accident, it can be a challenge to find and fix. Not for us!  

We utilize the same technology used by CSI crime forensic technicians to find the exact spots so we can treat it for odor and stain removal and help prevent future pet accidents as well.

Most cleaners would have been afraid to tackle upholstery as stained as this one...we weren't!

From minor stains to major problems...we welcome the opportunity to make your upholstery like new again!

This client had bleach to try and restore his 18 year old floor mats...only to ruin them...or so he thought.  We were able to dye and clean them and they were returned to his vehicle even better than before.

Rust stains on carpet can be a nightmare. Let us tackle it and in most cases we are able to remove the rust stains and restore the carpet to it's near original condition.

If you are putting your home on the market, one of the biggest selling points is the flooring within the home. Hire us to come in and completely restore all of your carpeting, tile, and hard wood flooring complete with a Carpet Protection Warranty to maximize the resale value of the property.

Our interior cleaning is a great option when you're ready to have your vehicle looking and smelling new again, or when you're getting ready to trade it in...a clean vehicle always brings top dollar!

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